Anlagenbau GÜNTHER Recycling Technology – Made in Germany

We make waste management economical!

We, Anlagenbau Günther GmbH at the Wartenberg location in Germany, offer not only the production of stationary and mobile receiving station dosing systems, conveyor belts and various screening technologies, but also a comprehensive system construction for the processing and separation of solid waste materials. All systems, as well as individual customer requests, are developed and projected in-house.

Dosing system

The large capacity and high flexibility of the TAKER receiving station dosing system is impressive. It conveys loose material to the downstream units smoothly, in the ideal quantity and at the ideal speed – the optimum solution with maximum economy.


Conveyor technology

GÜNTHER conveyor technology has been specially developed based on the requirements for system technology in the field of recycling. It adapts smoothly and economically to your business processes and impresses with its maximum degree of flexibility.


Sieve technology

Our dynamic products include star screens, steel disc screensand ourpatented SPLITTER spiral wave screen. We offer the right technology for every application and material. Our SPLITTER is a real separation all-rounder – powerful, self-cleaning and wear-resistant.


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Which common materials can be processed with a GÜNTHER recycling system?