The separation multi-talent SPLITTER for use with bio waste and biomass

With the introduction of the area covering bio waste bin and legal regulations we experience that more effective separation technologies for bio waste are demanded more and more. Our SPLITTER gives you the opportunity of problem free treatment of all organic wastes in an economical and reliable process. This way both your costs and your efficiency are perfectly OK.

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The actors

  • Bio compost plants
  • Composting plants
  • Fermentation plants
  • Combination plants
  • Digesting plants

The challenge

  • In the future more bio wastes will be generated all over the world > existing plants need to be extended accordingly

SPLITTER use with bio waste

Practical use with bio waste

Pre-separation and pre-conditioning at the beginning of the process chain. Main targets are the removal of impurities and homogenisation.

Can also be used as an intermediate step during the curing process for the removal of impurities.

Loaded material: Bio waste from box fermentation

Target material: Marketable compost

The SPLITTER as the solution

  • Separation of the biogenic material with energetic potential
  • In conventional separation technology impurities cause considerable malfunctions and increased costs
  • New legal regulations lead to a demand in effective separation technologies
  • Insensitive against acids/caustic solutions/bases/greases
  • Used at the beginning of the process chain in dry digestion, in order to condition the material to e.g. 60-80 mm before fermentation
  • Use at the end of the process chain in dry digestion, in order to reliably remove impurities after the digestion stage/before decomposition

Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Heavy, wet and small material components quickly find the screen gap because of the density
  • Light components float on top and are reliably separated

Example from practice

Further examples for use can be found here:

Our recommendation: SPLITTER F2

The track moving SPLITTER F2 is a real “omnivore” and with its patented screen system it separates difficult to screen materials (e.g. domestic and commercial waste, bulky waste, bio waste, reconversion of landfill sites) blockage and tangle-free into two fractions.

More about SPLITTER F2

Our recommendation: SPLITTER HOOK

The mobile SPLITTER HOOK reaches highest screening performance on the smallest screening area. Thanks to its robust design it is able to process heavy screening materials like mixed building rubble, scrap metal and slag most effectively.



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