The separation multi-talent SPLITTER for use with domestic and commercial waste

For our powerful and flexible SPLITTER domestic waste is rather a raw material than just waste. Its optimal loosening and dosing enables the separation of different materials. Prepared this way, valuable materials can be re-entered into the recycling process. Our customers profit from a flexible reaction on current market requirements and reduced running costs. This makes our SPLITTER the unsurpassed multi-talent in the field of separation.

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The actors

  • Waste disposal companies
  • Mechanical treatment plants
  • Mechanical-biological waste treatment plants
  • Commercial waste treatment plants
  • Municipalities
  • Waste disposal companies and manufacturers of refuse derived fuels (RDF)
  • Cement industry

The challenges

  • Due to the developments in the market and the legal conditions material recycling is becoming more and more important
  • Materials containing excessive proportions of impurities show a tendency to tangling and blockage of the system
  • Increasing demand for fractions with high calorific values (RDF)
  • Consistent screening power / quality

Use of SPLITTER for domestic and commercial waste

Practical use for domestic and commercial waste

Separation of pre-shredded domestic and commercial waste Target is a RDF with medium calorific value.

Loaded material: Pre-shredded domestic and commercial waste

Target material: RDF medium calorific value with one screening <100mm grain size

The SPLITTER as the solution

  • Separation of the high-energy material during preliminary screening for the next downstream process
  • Problem-free treatment of the impurity containing input material
  • Screening before shredding – reduction of wear and energy costs generated by the shredder
  • High process reliability
  • Replacement of existing uneconomical technologies
  • With the excellent pre-treatment valuable materials (e.g. metals) are recovered and the material components not containing any valuable materials can be processed to e.g. RDF.

Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Wear resistant and blockage free
  • Highly suitable also for non-shredded material
  • Optimal loosening and dosing for downstream processes
  • Screen gaps do not become blocked: uniform screening quality

Example from practice

Separation of organics

  • Separation of the organic part in the domestic waste fraction
  • The fine proportion can be treated for bio gas generation
  • Separation of oversized grain for RDF-treatment
  • Reliable and constant throughput of up to 50 t/h

Further examples for use can be found here:

Our recommendation: SPLITTER F2

The track moving SPLITTER F2 is a real “omnivore” and with its patented screen system it separates difficult to screen materials (e.g. domestic and commercial waste, bulky waste, bio waste, reconversion of landfill sites) blockage and tangle-free into two fractions.

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Our recommendation: SPLITTER UNIT

The stationary SPLITTER UNIT with its compact screen deck is most suitable as a first step in a process chain for processing solid wastes like commercial and domestic waste, scrap metals, slag, waste wood and many more.


Our recommendation: SPLITTER F3

In the F-series the track moving SPLITTER F3 is the further development of the established F2 and is characterized by its second screen deck, especially for the processing of solid materials with a density of up to 0.8 t/m³ (commercial waste, bulky waste).

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