Practical example RDF-treatment

The SPLITTER ensures optimal pre-treatment of domestic/commercial wastes, among others things for future use as refuse derived fuel. The material, which may optionally be pre-shredded or not shredded at all, is broken up and prepared for the downstream processes, like Fe-separation, Ne-separation, wind sifting and post-shredding. Due to its unique design the SPLITTER is able to combine a vast number of advantages with one another:

  • Self-cleaning effect: makes the SPLITTER a low-maintenance plant
  • Tearing up the material flow: causes extremely low wear on the screen deck
  • Low drive power: ensures reasonable running costs of the SPLITTER
  • Dynamic screen gaps: enable uniform screening results with respect to quantity and quality

All downstream processes profit from the pre-treatment by the SPLITTER, so that both system availability and output of valuable materials are positively influenced.

The advantages of the SPLITTER become particularly apparent when alternatively used before a shredding stage. Thanks to its specific design and working principle the SPLITTER is able to successfully process even non-shredded material. The load applied to and thus the wear of the downstream shredder can be considerably reduced.

Flow chart

A treatment plant of this type is able to produce both medium caloric (> 12,000 KJ/kg) and high caloric (> 20,000KJ/kg). Using the SPLITTER at the beginning of treatment process enables a flexible response to current market requirements. Due to its specific working principle, the mechanical floating of 2D-fractions, the SPLITTER supports the gain of high calorific fractions. This high calorific product is, among others, used in the cement production.

SPLITTER practical example RDF-treatment

Quarry Medenbach

Both the video and the schematic representation show a plant that processes well over 100.000 tons of waste from the paper industry and commercial waste. Projecting, planning, integration of foreign equipment and the assembly of plant components was completely carried out by Anlagenbau Günther.

Loaded material: Pre-shredded domestic and commercial waste

Target material: RDF medium calorific value with one screening <100mm grain size


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