The separation multi-talent SPLITTER for use with: Mixed building rubble and demolition waste

The SPLITTER almost effortlessly treats roughly pre-sorted Mixed building rubble, bulky and commercial waste and separates these into almost uniform stone and fuel fractions, which can than be forwarded to a landfill site without causing any problems. It thereby works with a throughput of up to 50 t/h. With this speed, flexibility and efficiency you can really put your trust in the SPLITTER, also economically.

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The actors

  • Demolition companies
  • Building contractors
  • Municipalities
  • Container companies

The challenge

  • Even smallest proportions of impurities turn building rubble into mixed building rubble and thus increase the waste disposal capacities on sanitary landfill sites
  • Demanding, hard to screen material
  • Reuse of contained materials to save resources

SPLITTER use with mixed building rubble

Practical use for the treatment of mixed building rubble

Target is a pre-separation on roughly sorted mixed building rubble to a uniform stone and fuel fraction, and removal of minerals.

Loaded material: Mixed building rubble pre-sorted with an excavator

Target material: Pre-separation of oversized grain (stones and fuel fraction) / undersized grain (removal of minerals) with a grain size of 0 - 80 / 120 mm

The SPLITTER as the solution

  • Separation of a fraction with high calorific value (e.g. packaging material), which can thereby be removed from the process chain and forwarded to other recyclers
  • Separation of a cubic fraction, which is suitable for landfill sites or can be used as secondary building material
  • Blockage free separation of the undersized grain fraction, so that this can be – depending on its composition – can be used as filler material on landfill sites.

Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Effective separation of the individual components from building rubble and mixed building rubble
  • Enables the treatment of difficult to screen material
  • Quick and cost saving separation

Example from practice

Further examples for use can be found here:

Our recommendation: SPLITTER UNIT

The stationary SPLITTER UNIT with its compact screen deck is most suitable as a first step in a process chain for processing solid wastes like commercial and domestic waste, scrap metals, slag, waste wood and many more.


Our recommendation: SPLITTER HOOK

The mobile SPLITTER HOOK reaches highest screening performance on the smallest screening area. Thanks to its robust design it is able to process heavy screening materials like mixed building rubble, scrap metal and slag most effectively.



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