Treatment of sewer grit, caisson debris and street refuse

Our sewer systems have always contained deposits of grit and various organic matter. Our own resource-conserving behaviour - and that of modern technology - also means that less and less water is being consumed, which promotes such deposits.

Sewer systems are cleaned and flushed regularly to avoid accumulations that could cause major problems over the long term. The material - a mixture of sewage, grit and organic matter - is pumped out using suction trucks.

The GÜNTHER Machines SPLITTER Container Unit (stationary) and the Multiwash Hook (mobile hook lift) were developed in order to prepare suctioned material, street refuse and caisson debris for recycling in as ecological and economical a fashion as possible.

Both screens are suitable for feeding in dry and wet materials. The stationary SPLITTER Container Unit contains a feed chute including a SPLITTER screen. The screened material is then washed in the subsequent units. The mobile variant, MULTIWASH Hook, combines the task of screening and washing in a single unit.

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MULTIWASH Hook - flexibility thanks to mobility of hook lift

Material is fed into the machine via a hopper. From there, it is conveyed to the SPLITTER Twin Wave screening deck via a loop. Contaminants > 15 mm are separated out from the oversize particles. The organic matter is removed from the undersize particles in the grit washer. This means that the grit discharged in the end product contains only 3-5% organic matter and can thus be processed in the most efficient and recyclable way possible.



SPLITTER Container Unit

The stationary SPLITTER Container Unit consists of feed-in via a vibrating or flushing chute and a SPLITTER screening deck. The machine is completely pre-assembled and ready for operation, has a minimal footprint and can be optimally combined with various upstream or downstream machines. It offers an impressively high throughput of up to 15 m³ of solids / hour.


SPLITTER Container Unit in action


Advantages of the MULTIWASH Hook:

  • No building permit required thanks to mobile hook lift
  • Conserves Co2 through use on site
  • Convenient transport and movement thanks to compact design
  • Integrated feed hopper, pre-screening and washing system in one

Advantages of the SPLITTER Container Unit:

  • Minimal footprint and low assembly costs
  • High throughput of up to 15 m³ of solids / h
  • Flexible options for integration in the process chain
  • Various project-specific options available (e.g. grit-washing system or advanced conveyor technology)

Other advantages of our machines for the treatment of sewer grit:

  • Flexible intake of materials, dry or wet
  • Unique, self-cleaning screening system
  • No rope formation when used with winding materials
  • Only minimal cleaning and maintenance effort required
  • External dimensions of the machine = internal container dimensions = low transport costs
  • Compact, easy to transport by lorry
  • Completely pre-assembled and ready for use
  • Easy assembly and handling
  • Highly stable design


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