The separation multi-talent SPLITTER for use with slag

Ashes and slags from incineration plants and refuse derived fuel power plants are not just waste, but very often also contain a high raw material potential. In the treatment of slag the SPLITTER also contributes in the separation of “clean” ashes, i.e. without unburned material residues, besides the separation of iron and NE-metals. This can subsequently be used in the construction of agricultural roads.

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Task definition

  • At the beginning of the process chain
    • Use for the separation of impurities for processing with conventional machinery
  • At the end of the process chain
    • Separation of NE and aluminium proportions and unburned materials from the material flow for subsequent further processing
    • The fine grain, which is free of impurities can be used in e.g. the road construction

Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Robust and insensitive against impurities
  • Reduction of the landfill site volume
  • Production of disposable materials
  • Powerful and reliable technology
  • Insensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations
  • “Fresh Slags" can be processed

SPLITTER use with slag

Practical use MVA slag

Pre-separation of fresh or deposited MVA slag. In the first screening process all impurities must be removed from the material flow, so that these material flows can be fed again into the downstream plants to ensure a smooth working process.

Loaded material: Slag with impurities

Target material: Impurities 70 mm to x / undersized grain with grain size 0 to 70 mm

Our recommendation: SPLITTER UNIT

The stationary SPLITTER UNIT with its compact screen deck is most suitable as a first step in a process chain for processing solid wastes like commercial and domestic waste, scrap metals, slag, waste wood and many more.


Our recommendation: SPLITTER HOOK

The mobile SPLITTER HOOK reaches highest screening performance on the smallest screening area. Thanks to its robust design it is able to process heavy screening materials like mixed building rubble, scrap metal and slag most effectively.



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