The separation multi-talent SPLITTER for use with stones/soils

The mineral raw materials are positioned right at the forefront of the value adding chain - currently approx. 90% of these are used in the building industry. Sustainable raw material exploitation exists under the following boundary conditions:

  • Utilizing existing, finite resources as efficiently as possible
  • The time for acquiring a license for extending quarries can take many years.
  • The operating time for quarry areas that have already been approved must be prolonged
  • Existing waste piles contain valuable raw materials or block spaces inside the quarry

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The actors

  • Quarry operators (raw material suppliers)
  • Waste disposal companies for mineral building rubble
  • Earth construction and civil engineering contractors
  • Reconversion contractors
  • Top overburden (mixture of roots, soil, loam and stones)
  • Contaminated excavated soil

The challenge

  • Conventional screens (mostly 3 fractions) work well with dry material without impurities (rootstocks, reinforcement irons, loam/clay, cohesive and loamy materials)
  • Depending on the condition of the material (wet, impurities) screen gaps will block up > manual cleaning required

SPLITTER use with stones/soils

Practical use in a quarry

In this case it is the objective to separate the material of an overburden dump, a previously unusable mineral mix, into 2 fractions. The useful rock (oversized grain) is made available for further processing, whereas the undersized grain, a stone-soil mix, can be deposited.

Loaded material: Material mix interspersed with loam/soil with a 70 / 400 mm grain size

Target material: Stones with a grain size 70 / 400 mm

Practical use soil excavation

The mobile SPLITTER X2 is used by Max Wild GmbH for the preparation of excavated soil and loamy material.

The robust chain vehicle is ideally suited for the uneven ground. With its stable and robust SPLITTER TWIN WAVE screen deck, the SPLITTER X2 is perfectly suited for this heavy and sticky material.

The flexible adjustment options of the SPLITTER X2 ensure reliable material flow throughout the process. The use of modern motor technology delivers a throughput capacity of up to 200 t/h.

The SPLITTER as the solution

  • Consistency of the material (dry, wet, with or without impurities) without any influence on the screening result
  • Can also be used with materials that have not been pre-treated
  • By adjusting the inclination one can react to different material properties
  • Machine running times/availability can be multiplied by all-year use
  • Self-cleaning system due to an active screen gap
  • Homogeneous separation reduces the required floor space, e.g. within quarries > saving resources/optimizes the material gain
  • Pre-separation/dosing for subsequent processes

Example from practice

Further examples for use can be found here:

Our recommendation: SPLITTER TWIN WAVE

With its unique screen deck from the SPLITTER TWIN WAVE enables the processing of heavy and sticky materials with proportions of impurities (e.g. loam-stone mix).


Our recommendation: SPLITTER HOOK

The mobile SPLITTER HOOK reaches highest screening performance on the smallest screening area. Thanks to its robust design it is able to process heavy screening materials like mixed building rubble, scrap metal and slag most effectively.



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