The separation multi-talent SPLITTER for use with: Waste wood and bulky waste

Wood is increasingly becoming a well sought-after raw material, that needs to be separated from all other types of waste. Our SPLITTERS offer you reliable and optimal pre-separation and treatment of waste wood, bulky waste, pruning residues and roots for all downstream processes. Our SPLITTER quickly and efficiently converts waste wood to marketable material.

The actors

  • Company as supplier for biomass power plants
  • Service provider
  • Wood processing industry
  • Energy providers

The challenge

  • Impurities cause high wear and energy costs on the post-shredder
  • Increasing necessity to separate wood from other types of waste (e.g. bulky waste, demolition material and screen overflows from composting)
  • Highest throughput capacity with constant screening quality

SPLITTER use with waste wood and bulky waste

The SPLITTER as the solution

  • Reliable separation of impurities
  • Reduction of wear and energy costs on the post-shredder
  • Problem-free treatment of difficult input material
  • Optimal reuse of the individual material flows

Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Effective and cost saving
  • Wear resistant against impurities like FE, NE, glass and minerals
  • Tangling and blockage free
  • Highest throughput capacity

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Example from practice

Further examples for use can be found here:

Our recommendation: SPLITTER F2

The track moving SPLITTER F2 is a real “omnivore” and with its patented screen system it separates difficult to screen materials (e.g. domestic and commercial waste, bulky waste, bio waste, reconversion of landfill sites) blockage and tangle-free into two fractions.

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Our recommendation: SPLITTER F3

In the F-series the track moving SPLITTER F3 is the further development of the established F2 and is characterized by its second screen deck, especially for the processing of solid materials with a density of up to 0.8 t/m³ (commercial waste, bulky waste).

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