Practical examples before/without shredder (waste wood / bulky waste)

Separation after shredder

  • Treatment of waste wood A1 to A4, bulky waste, pruning residues and roots for biomass power plant
  • FE and NE removal
  • Screen section SPLITTER 80-120 mm
  • Throughput capacity of up to 50t/h

Separation without pre-shredder

  • Treatment and conditioning of raw bark to bagged products
  • Screen section SPLITTER 120–150 mm
  • Throughput of up to 180 m³/h

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Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Uniform flow of material
  • Optimal preparation for subsequent processes
  • Self-cleaning effect > low maintenance plant
  • Problem-free treatment of impurities
  • Removal of oversized materials to ensure subsequent quality treatment
  • Protection for downstream equipment



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