Heinrich Günther


Company was founded by Heinrich Günther in Lauterbach

Retail business and electric installation company, manufacture of household appliances and smokers

Otto Günther

1951Otto and Waltraud Günther take over the general management; domestic and system engineering as well as heating and ventilation engineering and sanitary systems
1985Entry into mechanical engineering, designing of conveying technology and apparatus construction

Foundation of the current field of operations environmental engineering in cooperation with the sales partner Packaging Service Bäuscher

Development and construction of compost filling plants, recycling machines as well as sorting and conveying technology


New development of a production plant in Lauterbach. Manufacture of wind sifter systems for the bio compost area

1993Manufacture of the first MULTISTAR star screening machines
1999Cooperation with the Doppstadt Group in the field of SPLITTER spiral shaft separation


Bernd Günther




Takeover of general management by Bernd Günther

2000Concentration on the current recycling technology - mobile and stationary / patenting of the CLEANSTAR cleaning element
2003Cooperation with Komptech in the area of the MULTISTAR star screen technology
2007Manufacture of the first SPLITTER spiral shaft separating machine
2008Relocation to the current new location in Wartenberg-Angersbach
2010Extensive product expansions in the field of recycling receiving, dosing, conveying and separating
2012Start of the independent sales of SPLITTER, TAKER and conveying technology. Foundation of Günther envirotech GmbH
2019New enterprise resource planning system - A big step towards digitalization 4.0

Felix Wohlfahrt

2020Hall extension - 1500 m2 additional storage and production area
2020Felix Wohlfahrt joins the management team as Managing Director
2020Long-term extension of partnership with Komptech