Company foundation

The company Anlagenbau Günther was founded in 1924 by Heinrich Günther. The following entry was made in the trade register of the municipal administration in Maar on February 8, 1924: Heinrich Günther VI. opened a tinsmith's shop and a retail shop selling household goods. Today we would describe Heinrich as a "free inventor". Heinrich was a trained tinsmith, but was also a hobbyist who built his own electrical appliances. This is how the first affordable radios and other complex electrical appliances for domestic use were created in Maar. In 1925, he registered his first patent for an "all-electric fly swatter" (as we all know the fly swatter today from the hot summer months). However, as the fee was high and Heinrich did not raise and pay it, the patent was never granted.

Das erste Serienprodukt

The first series-produced product in the company's history: a smoking cabinet! In 1928 , Heinrich Günther produced independent, free-standing smoking cabinets for the preservation of meat and sausage products by means of targeted smoking. He took over 100 customer-specific orders. In addition to the household goods store, his main business activity during this period was extensive tinsmith work for the manufacture of guttering with downpipes, sheet metal cladding and the elaborate refurbishment of church spires and their sealing with gold leaf.

The 1930s

When registration in the register of tradesmen became compulsory in 1933, Heinrich Günther had himself entered there with the addition "installation business". When the water pipes in the village were changed in the years 1932-1937 and all the house connections had to be renewed, he was awarded the contract and his business flourished. At times, he employed 16 workers, including excavation workers. The hourly wage at that time was 41 pfennigs. Otto Günther, the future owner of the company, was born in 1934 . During this time, food preservation in re-sealable cans was introduced. This service was offered in the household goods store and a showroom with a display window was created for this purpose.

The time after the war

During the Second World War, Heinrich Günther was deployed with three apprentices from Lauterbach to rebuild the city of Mainz. After the war, his motto was "Make new from old". Using used tin cans from German and American wartime, he made milk cans, scoops, milk pots, wash bowls and watering cans - sometimes up to 100 pieces, which were then sold in the household goods store. In 1948, his son Otto was apprenticed to his father as a tinsmith. Fortunately, as we know today, Otto also had a lot of fun. When Heinrich died suddenly in 1951, Otto took over his father's business at the age of just 17.

Otto Günther's heating engineering company

Together with his mother Katharine, Otto brought the business to Vorn. He successfully built up a heating construction company in the old Lauterbach district and provided individual conversions and modernizations of heating systems, for example. The old existing kitchen stoves disappeared and were converted into modern centrally stored gravity heating systems with hot water preparation. Another ingenious recycling idea! After marrying Waltraud, she supported him in the business as a well-trained office worker. In 1960, Otto became the officially appointed water master for the water supply in Maar and Wernges. He looked after this for an annual salary of DM 150.

At that time, the company was still located in Lauterbach-Maar. Heinrich Günther ran a retail business, carried out electrical installation work and manufactured household appliances and smoking cabinets. In 1951, his son Otto and his wife Waltraud took over the management of the company. In line with Otto Günther's area of expertise, the business had already shifted towards building and systems engineering, heating and ventilation construction and sanitary installations.

The 80s - The road to recycling technology

In the 1980s, the business field developed strongly in the direction that is still our area of expertise today. In 1985, we ventured into mechanical engineering and designed our first conveyor technology. In 1989, today's environmental technology division was founded. A wide variety of recycling machines, sorting and conveying technology and the first compost filling plant were developed. This can still be found today under KOMPOFIX in the current product range.

The 90s - product developments for the future

In the 1990s, the focus on recycling technology gathered pace. A new production facility became necessary - this was built in Lauterbach in 1992. The first air classifiers and the first MULTISTAR star screen machine left the new hall shortly afterwards. When Bernd Günther - son of Otto and Waltraud - took over the management of the company in 1999, the focus on recycling technology gained even more momentum.

The 2000s - separation technology in the fast lane

The first patent for the CLEANSTAR cleaning element for star screen technology followed in 2000. Cooperation with our partner Komptech followed in 2003. In 2007 the first SPLITTER spiral shaft separation machine was built and in 2008 the company had grown to such an extent that the only option was to build a new building and relocate: This time to the industrial estate in Wartenberg-Angersbach.

The 2010s - Digitalization 4.0

This was followed in the 2010s by extensive product expansions in the recycling area of receiving, dosing, transporting and separating. New sales channels and independent sales of numerous GÜNTHER products were established worldwide. In 2019, major steps were taken towards the future - keyword digitalization 4.0. A new merchandise management system now forms the basis for our work in the warehouse, production, design and in all commercial areas.

Setting the course for the future

In 2020, the production hall in Angersbach was expanded by 1500m², since when Felix Wohlfahrt has also joined the management team as Commercial Director. In addition, the partnership with Komptech in the field of star screen technology was extended on a long-term basis. In 2023, the new cantilever hall with 3000 m² more storage space was completed. In 2024, the year in which GÜNTHER celebrates its 100th anniversary, the fourth generation - three children of Bernd and Andrea Günther - are already an integral part of the company.