12.06.2019 | Products

Customers are impressed with the screening results of the GÜNTHER spiral shaft Screen

The spiral shaft screen SPLITTER® was developed by GÜNTHER from the idea of optimizing conventional disc screens. The patented system has established itself today in the market for screening technology as a real separation all-rounder. Because of the intelligent design, various adjustment options and screen deck variants, a wide variety of materials can be separated in up to three fractions, even uncut...

28.03.2018 | Products

Due to growing requirements for recycling systems and waste water treatment the need for innovative technologies steadily increases in China. Experiences made abroad are examined with great interest. German companies, in particular, have a good reputation in environmental technology.

28.03.2018 | Products

The multiple applications of the separation all-rounder SPLITTER in the solid waste treatment are add by the application “Grit treatment in waste water”.


The material discharge of non-ferrous metals with the E2000 forms the final step in the production process that determines the quality.

20.04.2017 | News

Multistar ONE will be shown in direct combination with the shredder Crambo.

29.03.2017 | News

TMA bark uses TAKER and SPLITTER in two large production facilities in Great Britain

03.02.2017 | News

GÜNTHER expands its range of products with the mobile eddy current separator E2000, that can be positioned at any location and is immediately ready for use.

06.09.2016 | News

Start of apprenticeships at Anlagenbau Günther.


In the area of recycling and environmental technology, Anlagenbau GÜNTHER based in Wartenberg is active in the development and production of intelligent mobile and stationary plants for waste processing.

07.07.2016 | News

REMONDIS is one of the world's largest service providers for recycling, service and water.