Efficient recycling machines - Made in Germany

Our unique, powerful and low maintenance products are able to process complex material flows and direct these to a new increase in value.

Our mobile and stationary machines thereby cover the entire process chain - from receiving and dosing the material via the transportation all the way to separation and screening.

MULTISTAR star screen technology

Proved MULTISTAR star screens CLEANSTAR cleaning system

The star screen technology gains increasing popularity in the treatment of wastes, recoverable materials and biomass. In many cases with a MULTISTAR.


Receiving and dosing technology

Perfect results thanks to correct dosing

With the TAKER series loose materials such as compost, wood, biomass, waste, metal, rocks, scrap, etc. will be received. Optimally dosed it will be provided to the next operating step.


FLOWERDISC steel disc screen

Robust oversize grain separation: the FLOWERDISC steel disc screen 

The energy efficient FLOWERDISC is available as technology with high throughput capacity for screening pre-shredded commercial and bulky waste as well as biological waste.


Conveyor technology

We support your productivity: with the vast variety of our belt types, which take you forward

Due to their highest level of flexibility our modular conveyor belt and belt conveyor systems adapt perfectly and economically to your operation sequences.


SPLITTER spiral separator

The Alpha and Omega: Innovative separation technology

Domestic and commercial waste, waste wood or mixed building rubble. The SPLITTER separation technology processes customer specific materials on the highest performance level.