The FLOWERDISC disc separator

The FLOWERDISC is another technology for screening pre-shredded commercial and bulky waste as well as biological waste, which unites high throughput capacity with separation efficiency resistance against interfering materials most effectively.

In the steel disc screen principle shafts with robust steel discs transport the material. Jamming and blockages caused by interfering materials are avoided by moveable, elastically mounted shell tube bodies between the discs


The FLOWERDISC technology is exclusively available from our sales partner KOMPTECH.

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Advantages at a glance

  • Designed for the separation of oversized grain from commercial waste, bulky waste, domestic waste or fresh bio waste.
  • High throughput with low energy consumption
  • Robust design with disturbance free and low wear operation
  • Modular design for flexible adaptation in stationary plants


FLOWERDISC steel disc screen

Technical data FLOWERDISC disc separator

DriveConnected load (kW)11
Screen unit

Fine fraction (mm)

Coarse fraction (mm)

Coarse screen area (m²)

Coarse screen width (mm)

Coarse screen length (mm)

< 80 - 100

> 80 - 100

5.5 / 7.3


4560 / 6080

Max. throughputMaterial dependent (t / h)100



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