Our MULTISTAR – star screen technology

Screening is an elementary treatment step in the conditioning of waste, recyclable materials and biomass. The star screen technology is increasingly used for this purpose. And in most cases the star screen used is a MULTISTAR. The reason why can be easily explained: With the exact screening process it takes just one machine and one work step to divide the screening material into 2 or 3 fractions. Both the throughput capacity and the separating accuracy remain unchanged - due to the patented CLEANSTAR cleaning system.

The grain size can be adjusted by just simply pressing a button - the rest is done by the machine. Due to the highly efficient drive, screening runs quietly, reliably and economically.


The MULTISTAR technology is exclusively available from our sales partner KOMPTECH.

You will find the right equipment for almost any application and plant size. Extensions like e.g. magnetic separation, wind sifter or rolling body separation make the screening system multi-functional - everything is possible.

The functional principle: First coarse - then fine

Depending on the design, the interior of the star screen machines consists of one or two screen decks. The rotating shafts of the coarse screen deck convey the material in horizontal direction. Everything that cannot pass through the space between the stars, is separated as coarse grain material and transported further. The material that passes through the screen drops onto the fine screen deck equipped with smaller stars, and is then divided into a fine and a medium fraction by using the same principle. The coarse screening before fine screening principle produces a high screening quality, enables high screening performance with a short screen length and protects the fine screen against solid impurities.

The grain size is changed by adjusting the rotary speed of the star shafts. From the control panel and via frequency converters the grain size can be changed within the band width determined by the star geometry in just a few seconds. A central control monitors all functions and informs about the current operating status.


Working principle of our MULTISTAR star screen with the CLEANSTAR cleaning system

Various simulated materials are used to demonstrate the function in the most impressive way.

We would be very pleased if you would give us the opportunity to advise you for applications in your real environment and in accordance with your requirements!

Please visit the Youtube channel of our sales partner Komptech for further application and machine specific MULTISTAR examples and information.

Customer benefit

Properties which make our MULTISTAR solution a benefit for you: Star screen technology in perfection!

  • Separation into 2 or 3 fractions with just one machine and in one operating cycle
  • CLEANSTAR system for high throughput with exact separation efficiency
  • High flexibility due to being able to change the grain size within seconds
  • Comfortable operation and simple maintenance due to the smart machine design
  • Multi-functional due to numerous options, like e.g. wind sifter and FE-separation
  • Extremely economical; high throughput in combination with low energy and wear costs
  • Mobile and flexible possibilities of use
  • Proven more than 1000 times

MULTISTAR star screen function

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MULTISTAR star screen screening gap

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  • Pruning residues
  • Rootstocks
  • Woodland residues
  • Fresh compost


  • Green compost
  • Bio compost
  • Sewage sludge compost


  • Treated / untreated waste wood
  • Wood chippings
  • bark


  • Commercial waste
  • Domestic waste
  • Residual waste


The new Multistar S3 with hook lift mobility is now the entry level into professional star screen technology from Komptech. Designed to meet the requirements of the lower and middle power class,...

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The product range of our star screen machines is currently being extended by a new machine: The Multistar XXL2 has been designed as a sole 2 fraction star screen machine and provides highest performance in this range.



The robust and simply designed star screen deck MULTISTAR Hook reliably separates compost, tree bark, biomass etc. into oversized and undersized grain. The simple hook lift version with simply designed foot supported substructure...

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With immediate effect the new XL3 supplements the product range of mobile “big size” star screening machines. The extra-long coarse screen deck is a characteristic feature of this new machine: Wherever the first screen section ...

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The Multistar XXL3 and XXXL3 are at the top end of Komptech star screen product range. As heavy duty machines they have been designed for industrial scale plants, for which highest throughput...



Due to its compact design the MULTISTAR 2_SE star screen is a perfect solution that can simply be integrated. A modular system and options like sub-structure, feed metering hopper with feed and discharge belts,...

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The MULTISTAR star screens not only belong to the most powerful screening machines, they can also hardly be surpassed under economical aspects. Compost, tree bark and biomass are separated with power and highest reliability.

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