Star screen MULTISTAR 2-SE

Komptech's star screen technology is one of the most efficient separation technologies in the field of solid waste processing. The MULTISTAR star screens are characterized by their precise separation efficiency, regardless of the material moisture content, and the ability to change the grain size produced at the touch of a button.


Modular system and other options for the MULTISTAR 2-SE star screening machine

The MULTISTAR 2-SE star screen is an easy-to-integrate solution thanks to its compact design. A modular system and options such as substructure, feed dosing hopper with feed and discharge belts, air separation, etc. guarantee exact adaptation to your customer requirements.

System integrations with the highest demands can be planned and implemented safely and efficiently.

The MULTISTAR technology
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Siebtechnik MULTISTAR

Highlights of the MULTISTAR 2-SE

  1. High throughput capacity with exact separation precision even with moist materials
  2. Grain sizes can be changed in seconds thanks to simple speed adjustment on the screen deck
  1. Flexible modular solutions for special customer applications
  2. Industrial design for very high annual capacity utilization

Application examples MULTISTAR 2-SE

Advantages of the MULTISTAR 2-SE at a glance

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The inner workings of the star screens consist of high-quality components. The drive of the star shafts via electric motors with frequency converters ensures low energy, wear and maintenance costs.

Screen grain size

A complete range of grain sizes ensures the different designs of our individual star screens. By adjusting the rotation speed of the star shafts, the grain size can be changed within seconds within the bandwidth specified by the star geometry. Screen sections from 8 - 150 mm are covered by different, selectable star types and arrangements.

CLEANSTAR cleaning system

All screen elements are continuously cleaned by the cleaning system. Precisely matched cleaning elements are available for each area of application, enabling wear-resistant and therefore very economical operation.

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Technical data

DriveMains connection: 8 - 33 kW (depending on equipment plus options)
Screening sectionCoarse screen L x W (mm) / area (m²): 5863 x 1200 / 7.0
Fine screen L x W (mm) / area (m²): 5985 x 1200 / 7.2
Coarse grain (mm): 30 ... 60 or 60 ... 90 or 90 ... 120 or 120 ... 150
Fine grain (mm): 8 ... 20 or 10 ... 25
Areas of applicationPre-shredded waste wood of all classes, burl wood, green shredded material, bark, wood chips, biomass, compost
Troughputup to 150 m³/h (depending on material)
OptionsWind sifter, alternative screen deck equipment and much more.

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