The MULTISTAR 2-SE system

The star screen technology from Komptech belongs to the most powerful separating technologies in the field of solid waste conditioning. Accurate separation efficiency, irrespective of the moisture of material, and changes to the generated grain size by pressing a button are features of the MULTISTAR star screens.

Due to its compact design the MULTISTAR 2_SE star screen is a perfect solution that can simply be integrated. A modular system and options like substructure, feed metering hopper with feeding and discharge conveyors, wind sifter etc. ensure exact adaptation to customer’s demands.

Plant integrations with highest requirements can be planned and implemented safely and efficiently.


The MULTISTAR technology is exclusively available from our sales partner KOMPTECH.

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Advantages at a glance


The interior of the star screens is made of high quality components. The drive of the start shafts via electric motors and frequency converters ensures low costs for energy, wear and maintenance.

Particle size classification

The variety of designs of our star screens ensures a continuous band width of grain sizes. The grain size can be altered in seconds within the band width determined by the star geometry by simply changing the rotary speed of the star shafts. Screen sections ranging from 8 - 150 mm are covered by selecting and arranging various star types beforehand.

Cleaning system

All screen elements are continually cleaned by the cleaning system. Cleaning elements, exactly adapted to the application, are available to ensure low wear and thus economical working.


  • High throughput with exact separation efficiency, even in case of moist materials
  • Change in grain size within seconds by simply changing the rotary speed on the screen deck
  • Flexible modular solutions for customized applications.
  • Industrial design for very high annular use.



Technical data MULTISTAR 2-SE system

DriveMains connection8 - 33 kW (depending on equipment plus options)
Screen distance

Coarse screen L x W (mm) / Area (m²)

Fine screen L x W (mm) / Area (m²)

5863 x 1200 / 7,0

5985 x 1200 / 7,2

Screen mesh

(compliant with the selection of the screen deck)

Coarse grain (mm)

30 ... 60 or

60 ... 90 or

90 ... 120 or

120 ... 150

Fine grain (mm)

8 ... 20 or

10 ... 25

Overview screen section / screen deck

ThroughputThroughput capacity (m³/h) (material dependent)

up to 150

  • Wind sifter
  • Alternative screen equipment
  • and much more



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