With MULTISTAR ONE GÜNTHER has developed a powerful two-fraction star screen with recirculation of oversizes. The machine is most suitable for the screening of

  • pre-shredded waste wood
  • wood residues
  • roots
  • shredded greenery
  • other screenable materials.



The MULTISTAR technology is exclusively available from our sales partner KOMPTECH

With the new MULTISTAR ONE the treatment of waste wood and biomass is executed with highest efficiency. An upstream shredder, the Crambo from Komptech, feeds the ONE with shredded material. The function of the new star screen is the separation of a defined utilization fraction with simultaneous recirculation of oversizes to the shredder. Equipped with a loading hopper for exact material transfer to the amply dimensioned screen deck, a discharge belt with a discharging height of 4 meters and a recirculation belt with a swinging radius of 220°, the MULTISTAR ONE is able to operate with a throughput capacity of 200 m³/h.

The installation on a hook lift frame ensures compact dimensions, the design of the conveyor belts enables flexibility in installation and the low wear screen deck combined with the electric drive guarantees highest efficiency.

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Operating principle

  • Material is fed via the discharge conveyor of the upstream shredder, alternatively by wheel loader or excavator with gripper.
  • The dosing hopper ensures exact material transfer to the screen deck.
  • The undersized grain discharge conveyor, which is designed as a buckled belt, discharges the fine fraction as a defined utilization fraction.
  • At the end of the screen deck all oversizes are discharged through a funnel-shaped chute on to the recirculation belt. This can be swivelled by 220°. The discharge height of up to 4 m enables direct transfer into the shredder.
  • With hydraulic supports, the discharge height for the utilization fraction can be raised by 450 mm. The supports can be controlled individually.
  • The complete electric control takes place via a central control cabinet 760 x 760 x 300 mm (protection type IP56). The plant is manually controlled via potentiometer and simple “Logo Control”.
  • The discharge conveyors are electro-hydraulically folded and unfolded by means of a hand lever.
  • There is unrestricted access to all maintenance positions.

Customer benefit

  • Mobile recirculation of oversizes
  • Wide range of applications
  • Exact screening
  • Low operating costs
  • Flexibility
  • Optimal access through maintenance doors and easy to handle tarpaulin covering
  • Hybrid technology: Current for drives from power grid or directly from the shredder

Technical data MULTISTAR ONE


The electric power supply for the machine

  • is provided through a 63/32 amp cable with country-specific plug from the customer’s mains supply net (electrical demand: approx. 12 KW in normal operation) or
  • via hydraulic generator directly from the shredder

Screen unit

  • Screen deck (L x W) : 4,500 x 1,450 mm (6.5 m² area)
  • Fine fraction: 0/60 – 90 mm
  • Coarse fraction: >0/60 – 90 mm

Material feed
Material feed dosing unit with scraper chain conveyor with maintenance free flat link chain

  • Hopper capacity: 2.5 m³
  • Loading length: 2,300 mm
  • Loading height: 2,500/3,000 mm
  • manually pluggable overload walls

Material output

  • Max. discharge height coarse fraction: 4,050 mm from bottom edge of hook lift
  • Max. discharge height fine fraction: 3,950 mm from bottom edge of hook lift
  • Oversized grain discharge conveyor designed as a swinging belt (hydraulically foldable) for optional recirculation
  • Undersized grain discharge conveyor designed as a buckled belt
  • Undersized grain collector belt under the coarse screen section


  • Transport length: 8,176 mm
  • Transport width: 2,466 mm
  • Transport height: 2,600 mm

Depending on equipment

approx. 9,200 kg

Maximum throughput
Depending on material

200 m³/h

Input material

  • pre-shredded waste wood
  • wood residues
  • roots
  • shredded greenery
  • other screenable materials.

Specific weights

approx. 200 – 650 kg/m³

Moisture of input material

max. 55%

Control and operation

  • Control via central control cabinet
  • Settings on the machine via potentiometer and simple “Logo Control”


  • Screen size variants
    • Screen size 8 / 20 mm
    • Screen size 15 /30 mm
    • Screen size 90 / 120 mm
    • Screen size 120 / 150 mm
  • Dosing drum
    • Design as drum motor with impact irons, three-piece shell design, exchangeable
    • Drive: 3.0 kW
    • Diameter: 215 mm
    • Length: 1,560 mm
    • Quick to remove with suitable lifting gear
    • Additional impact irons possible
  • Wireless remote control to control the basic functions
  • Magnetic drum in the oversized grain discharge conveyor with discharge into rubber chute
  • Manoeuvring drawbar on hook side
    • For subsequent manual installation with ball socket receptacle or
    • pivoting U-section as blade receptacle for wheel loader
  • Lift axle – hydraulically operated
  • Special customized paint finish
  • Tarpaulin can be individually printed



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