MULTISTAR XL3 star screen

The XL3 extends the range of "large" star screening machines. One feature of the machine is the extra-long coarse screen deck: Wherever this first screening step is the bottleneck - for example with fresh biomass - the screening capacity can be significantly increased.


The large star screening machine is equipped for the international market

With its high performance and a semi-trailer chassis for easy transportation, the XL3 is perfectly equipped for the international market. Still unrivaled: the high flexibility thanks to the simple adjustment of the screen section and the low energy consumption thanks to the highly efficient electric drive of all components.

The MULTISTAR technology
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Highlights of the MULTISTAR XL3

  1. Separation into three fractions in one compact machine
  2. Optional: air separation, up to 2x Fe separation
  3. 7 m³ hopper, wide discharge belts for convenient operation
  1. Extremely economical: high throughput, low energy and wear costs
  2. Mobility via semi-trailer
  3. Long coarse screen - ideal for biomass processing or branched materials

MULTISTAR XL3 application examples

Advantages of the MULTISTAR XL3

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Extremely economical

Economy is the product of high throughput and low operating costs. In the XL3, the hopper, dosing system and the arrangement and size of the screen decks create a unit with unbeatable performance. Optimum wear protection of all material-carrying parts and the efficient diesel-electric drive system guarantee the lowest operating costs.

Always clean thanks to CLEANSTAR

The patented CLEANSTAR system ensures the simplest and most effective self-cleaning of the screen decks. Each star has a wear-resistant cleaning element that clears the screen gap to the surrounding stars with every rotation. This means safe use in all seasons.

Everything is possible

On request, the XL3 can become a multi-talent:

Air separators on the coarse and medium grain, plus magnetic rollers and roller separators, guarantee a clean usable fraction. A switchover enables the production of only two fractions. Options such as a bunker transfer wall, central lubrication and air suspension axles also increase working comfort.

For large tasks

If a high separation capacity is required in the coarse grain range, the enlarged screening surface of the coarse screen on the XL3 has a positive effect. When screening coarsely shredded biomass, both the throughput and the separation efficiency increase. For those who need it very coarse: With the wider screen stars in the coarse screen, a separation cut in the range of 120-150 mm is possible.

Siebtechnik MULTISTAR

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Technical data


Diesel generator 60 kVA

Material feedBunker volume: 7 m³
Feeding length: 3400 mm
Feed height: 3500 mm
Screening sectionCoarse screen L x W (mm) / area (m²): 5000 x 1200 / 6.0
Fine screen L x W (mm) / area (m²): 5450 x 1250 / 6.8
Coarse grain (mm): > 60 ... 90
Medium grain (mm): 10 ... 25 / 60 ... 90
Fine grain (mm): 0 / 10 ... 25
Material dischargeMax. Discharge height coarse grain (mm): 3230
Max. Discharge height medium grain (mm): 3500
Max. Discharge height fine grain (mm): 3100
Areas of applicationPre-shredded waste wood of all classes, burl wood, green shredded material, bark, wood chips, biomass, compost
Troughputup to 300 m³/h (depending on material)
Weightca. 22,0 t
DimensionsSemi-trailer L x W x H (mm): 11900 x 2500 x 4000
OptionsScreen deck variants, manually height-adjustable dosing roller, magnetic drums on the discharge belts, oversize grain belt, medium grain wind sifter, integrated oversize grain wind sifter (also as retrofit kit), radio remote control, switchover from 2 to 3 fractions, overloading wall for hopper, direct connection

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