Which systems does GÜNTHER build?

Plant construction by Günther is specially adapted to the requirements of the recycling industry. Our core competence lies in the area of processing and sorting systems for various waste and recyclable materials. For decades, we have been developing intelligent technologies in the field of mechanical treatment and holistic concepts for waste management.

What are the benefits of using a recycling system from Anlagenbau GÜNTHER?

  • Use of high-quality in-house components
  • Partner and manufacturer-independent use of industry-standard aggregates
  • Turnkey solutions for many materials
  • Comprehensive advice from experts and industry professionals
  • Made in Germany
  • High vertical range of manufacture at GÜNTHER internally
  • Decreased interface clarification
  • A permanent project manager as a contact person for all matters
  • Technically trained specialists
  • The GÜNTHER assembly teams consist to a large extent of GÜNTHER internal employees who control the process and tackle it themselves
  • As an option, the complete electrical engineering comes from our company
  • High flexibility and adaptability to customer requirements
  • High quality requirements
  • Renowned manufacturers for purchased parts
  • Reuse of existing units possible
  • After-Sales Service

MULTISORT – sorting system

MULTISORT - sorting system for processing commercial waste into RDF

MULTISORT - sorting system for the preparation of light packaging

MULTISORT - sorting system for processing waste wood

GÜNTHER - Made in Germany

At our Wartenberg location in Germany, we have in-house specialists in all departments, from process technology to engineering, electrical engineering and our mechatronics engineers, who take on extensive after-sales support.

Our employees include experts who have been with us or in the industry for years as well as young employees who have the necessary foresight. We also secure our skilled workers in the long term thanks to our high training and hiring quota. We cover the entire value chain in-house. This includes sales, from conception to design, manufacture, assembly, training, commissioning, service and spare parts supply. Over 120 employees at GÜNTHER work every day in close cooperation with customers to develop economical solutions for recycling systems.

Recycling technology with quality

We ourselves produce star screens (in cooperation with Komptech), SPLITTER, receiving station dosing systems and conveyor technology. We are, of course, happy to use these core competencies at the appropriate points in the system – because we are convinced of the quality and functionality of our technology.

In addition to our own portfolio, we also use other components, regardless of the manufacturer. The units can be planned and integrated according to customer requirements.

Our components:

  • Star screens
  • Receiving station dosing system
  • Conveyer technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • Steel construction and inspections

Further components:

  • Shredder
  • FE separator
  • NE Separator
  • Pneumatic separator
  • NIR separator
  • Various sieve systems
  • Sorting booths
  • Extraction systems

SPLITTER spiral wave screen:

Domestic and commercial waste, waste wood, organic waste or mixed construction waste. SPLITTER separation technology processes customer-specific materials at the highest level.


TAKER receiving station dosing system:

With the TAKER series, loose materials such as compost, wood, biomass, waste, metal, stones, scrap, etc., are accepted and made available for the next work step in an optimally dosed manner.


MULTISTAR star screens:

The star screen technology is used more and more in the elementary processing of waste, recyclable materials and biomass. And in many cases with a MULTISTAR.



Conveyor technology:

Our modular systems of conveyor belts and belt conveyors provide you with a high degree of flexibility and adapt smoothly and economically to your operational processes.




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