Our SPLITTER® – the separation all-rounder

The powerful, self-cleaning and wear resistant SPLITTER® spiral separator effortless masters even the most difficult duties, which would even bring proven separation technologies to their limits. Our patented screen system impresses with high throughput and requires only minor cleaning and maintenance efforts. Separation itself takes place according to size, physical properties, weight and shape – depending on the material composition up to three fractions are possible.

The apparently single side driven and mounted SPLITTER® (two--side mounted inside the shell tube) unites the roller track effect with the principle of the Archimedean screw.

The spiral shaft guides the material laterally, while the roller track effect at the same time transports the material in conveying direction. This overlapping of movements distributes the material most efficiently and effectively. The most significant difference to conventional screen systems is the running out screen gap at the open end. This way impurities can be discharged almost effortless and reliably. With this special design the actual screen shafts clean themselves permanently from deposits and wound up materials.

The SPLITTER® is available in three different screen deck variants and offers the right screening solution for almost any material.

FLAT screen deck

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WAVE screen deck

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TWIN WAVE screen deck

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Customer benefit

Properties which make our SPLITTER a benefit for you: Separation technology in perfection!

  • Patented system for separating most difficult materials (e.g. non-shredded screening material)
  • Low wear technology
  • Screening free of blockage and coiling of material
    • Constant screening quality
    • High process reliability
    • Above all with respect to impurities like FE, NE, glass and minerals
  • Mobile and stationary designs
  • Possible use with various upstream and downstream machines for further processing
  • Extremely powerful and cost saving
  • Space saving integration into new or existing plants
  • Metered output of separated materials
  • Quiet operation

Process example: Separation before the use of a shredder --> up to 50 % lower running costs due to

  • SPLITTER as pre-separator (reduction of volume)
  • Reduction of wear costs on the shredder
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • SPLITTER as good metering / levelling device (uniform material flow)


Working principle of our SPLITTER (UNIT)

Various simulated materials are used to demonstrate the function in the most impressive way.

We would be very pleased if you would give us the opportunity to advise you for applications in your real environment and in accordance with your requirements!

Please visit our Youtube channel for further application and machine specific examples and information.

SPLITTER F2 with a FLAT screen deck

The track moving SPLITTER F2 is a real “omnivore” and with its patented screen system it separates difficult to screen materials (e.g. domestic and commercial waste, bulky waste, bio waste, reconversion of landfill sites) blockage and tangle-free into two fractions.

More about SPLITTER F2


The mobile SPLITTER HOOK reaches highest screening performance on the smallest screening area. Thanks to its robust design it is able to process heavy screening materials like mixed building rubble, scrap metal and slag most effectively.


SPLITTER Container Unit

The SPLITTER Container Unit is ideal for sand treatment such as street sweepings and sewage sands or für faecal sludge. Wet, damp or dry material can be processed.

More about SPLITTER Container Unit


The SPLITTER Duo comprises two SPLITTER spiral wave screen decks, making it particularly well suited for processing large, voluminous material streams.


SPLITTER F3 with a FLAT screen deck

In the F-series the track moving SPLITTER F3 is the further development of the established F2 and is characterized by its second screen deck, especially for the processing of solid materials with a density of up to 0.8 t/m³ (commercial waste, bulky waste).

More about SPLITTER F3

SPLITTER UNIT with a FLAT screen deck

The stationary SPLITTER UNIT with its modular design and the compact screen deck is most suitable as a first step in a process chain for processing solid wastes like commercial and domestic waste, scrap metals, slag, waste wood and many more.



The mobile variant MULTIWASH Hook combines the task, screening and washing plant in one unit. It is ideally suited for the processing of sewer sand, road sweepings, caisson material and fecal sludge.



The chain-mobile SPLITTER X2 with its stable and robust SPLITTER TWIN WAVE screening deck is the expert for heavy, sticky and partly unshreddable material.

More about SPLITTER X2

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