The SPLITTER F2 – F like Flexible

With its patented SPLITTER screen deck the track moving SPLITTER F2 is the specialist for the processing of solid materials with a density from 0.1 to 0.8 t/m³ (commercial waste, bulky waste, bio waste, reconversion of landfill sites).

Its ideal position is after a powerful shredder with high throughput. With its 6 meter long, flat screen deck the SPLITTER F2 straightens the material and separates it into two fractions. FE-separation is optionally also possible. Just as all SPLITTER machines the SPLITTER F2 is also characterized by numerous adjustment possibilities and blockage and tangle-free working principle.

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Customer benefit

  • Shredders/breakers can be used in combination with the SPLITTER for material separation before the material transport > reduced transport volume
  • Excellent processing results with difficult to screen materials
  • Can also be used with materials that have not been pre-treated
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Low fuel consumption
  • No plaiting when processing coiling materials
  • Lowest cleaning and maintenance efforts
  • Optimally usable with various upstream and downstream machines for further processing

SPLITTER F2 in operation

Bulky waste conditioning plant

In the three applications shown here pruning residues, shredded waste wood and non-shredded bulky waste is separated. The objective is e.g. to separate the oversized grain from the fine material when conditioning non-shredded bulky waste, to reduce wear during shredding. The undersized grain is forwarded to incineration.

Loaded material:

  • Pruning residues with a grain size 0 / 500 mm
  • Waste wood with a grain size 0 / 500 mm
  • Bulky waste with a grain size 0 / 1800 mm

Technical data SPLITTER F2

DriveMotordiesel-electric 60 kVA Perkins Stage 3A
Screen deck



Drive power

Material grain size

6 m

2.5 m

3 x 4 kW

0-60 to 0-250 mm (FLAT screen deck)

Weightperm. weight25 t - 31 t (with options)
DimensionsTransport14 x 3 x 3.35 m
  • Loading hopper TAKER Belt
  • FE-separation system for undersized grain
  • Exchange screen decks
  • Remote control (cable or radio)


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