SPLITTER F2 -Mobile 2-fraction spiral shaft screen with FE discharge

With its patented SPLITTER screening deck, the track-mounted SPLITTER F2 is the specialist for processing solid material with a density of 0.1 to 0.8 t/m³ (commercial waste, bulky waste, organic waste, landfill deconstruction). It is ideal for installation behind a powerful shredder with a high throughput. With its 6 meter long, flat screen deck, the SPLITTER F2 equalizes the material and separates it into two fractions. FE separation is also possible. Like all SPLITTER machines, the SPLITTER F2 is characterized by a wide range of adjustment options and a clog-free and wrap-free operation.

Customer benefits when using the SPLITTER F2 mobile screening plant

  • Shredder/crusher can be used together with the SPLITTER for material separation prior to material transport -> reduced transport volume
  • Can process materials that are difficult to screen
  • Can also be used with non-pretreated material
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Low fuel consumption
  • No plait formation with winding materials
  • Lowest cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Can be optimally combined with various upstream and downstream machines and their further processing

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Areas of application

  • Domestic and commercial
  • Wood and waste wood
  • Bulk waste
  • Organic waste
  • Mixed construction waste
  • Landfill dismantling
  • Scrap metal
  • Slag

Application examples SPLITTER F2

SPLITTER F2 in use in a bulky waste processing plant

In the three applications shown, green waste, shredded waste wood and unshredded bulky waste are separated. The aim is, for example, to separate the oversized particles from the fine material when using the unshredded bulky waste in order to reduce wear in the shredding process. The undersize material is incinerated.

Feed material:

  • Green waste with a grain size of 0 / 500 mm
  • Waste wood with a grain size of 0 / 500 mm
  • Bulky waste with a grain size of 0 / 1800 mm

Technical data

DriveDiesel-electric drive 60 kVA or mains connection
Material feed

Dosing hopper: 3.0 m³

Feeding height: 3.1 m

Conveying unit: Taker belt (conveyor belt) as feeding unit

Screening section

L × W: 6,0 × 2,5 m / Surface area: 15 m²

Screen cutCoarse fraction: 0...250 mm
Material dischargeDischarge height 4,7 m
Discharge height 2,8 m
Discharge beltsFine grain: can be folded out at 30
Throughputup to 60 t/h (depending on material)
Weight27 t (excl. options)
DimensionsL × W × H: 14,0 × 3,0 × 3,2 m
OperationTouch panel and remote control (cable or radio) (optional)
Areas of applicationHousehold waste, commercial waste, wood, waste wood, bulky waste, organic waste, mixed construction waste, landfill dismantling, scrap metal, slag

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