SPLITTER F3 - Mobile 3-fraction spiral shaft screen with FE and NE discharge

The track-mounted SPLITTER F3 is the further development of the tried and tested F2 in the F series and, with its second screening deck, excels above all in the processing of solid material with a density of up to 0.8 t/m³ (commercial waste, bulky waste). In addition, the machine offers a number of options, such as built-in ferrous and non-ferrous separators. With three screen fractions, the FE and NE discharge and in combination with a pre-shredder, the SPLITTER F3 provides the basic functionality of a stationary system.

Customer benefits when using the SPLITTER F3 mobile screening plant

  • Can also be used with non-pretreated materialSelf-cleaning system
  • Low fuel consumptio
  • Consistent screen quality due to constantly free screen gaps
  • No plait formation with winding materials
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance effort
  • Can be optimally combined with various upstream and downstream machines and their further processing

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Areas of application

  • Household waste
  • Wood and waste wood
  • Commercial waste
  • Bulk waste

Application examples SPLITTER F3

Technical data

DriveDiesel-electric drive 60 kVA or mains connection
Material feed

Feeding conveyor for shredders

Task height: minimum 3.5 m (floor standing)

Conveyor unit: Conveyor belt

Screening sectionCoarse fraction: L × W: 6.0 × 2.5 m / area: 15 m²
Fine fraction: L × W: 6.0 × 1.5 m / area: 9 m²
Screen cutCoarse fraction: 0...150 mm
Fine fraction: 0...20 mm or 0...60 mm or 0...80 mm
Material dischargeDischarge height oversize grain 5.4 m
Discharge height middle grain 3.4 m
Discharge height undersize grain 3.1 m
Discharge beltsOversize, medium and fine grain: Hydr. folding, no inclination adjustment, belts have an inclination of 30°
Troughputup to 60 t/h (depending on material)
Weight32 t (excl. options)
DimensionsL × W × H: 20,2 × 10,2 × 5,90 m
OperatingTouch panel and wireless remote control (optional)
Areas of applicationHousehold waste, Commercial waste, Wood, Wood waste, Bulk waste

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