SPLITTER H3 - Mobile 3-fraction spiral shaft screen for difficult-to-screen material

The SPLITTER H3 hook-lift mobile 3-fraction special separator combines the latest and tried-and-tested technology in one machine. The SPLITTER H3 is equipped with a robust and leakage-free dosing hopper, which feeds the material to the downstream units in a well-dosed manner. There it undergoes highly active and blockage-proof pre-screening with the patented spiral shaft technology. The material can be discharged in a variety of ways thanks to pivoting and incline-adjustable one-piece discharge belts. This makes the SPLITTER H3 the expert for heavy, sticky and partially unshredded material in the tightest of spaces.

Customer benefits when using the SPLITTER H3 mobile screening plant

  • Highly efficient separation of the material into 3 useful fractions in just one work step.
  • Quick and easy assembly and dismantling thanks to compact HOOK design with small transport dimensions. No extra road approval required.
  • 2 operating modes, low diesel consumption (~7 l/h). The power for the electric drives is generated by the diesel generator or drawn directly from the power grid
  • Great flexibility thanks to the ability to change the grain size in the demand fraction within seconds.
  • Flexible adjustment of the discharge belts during operation. Reduced leakage due to one-piece design and optimum discharge of the material flows. Creation of buffer capacities in the work process. Direct container or trailer loading possible.
  • The simple and intuitive, icon-based menu navigation means that the machine can be operated without the need for training.

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Areas of application

  • Construction waste and mixed construction waste
  • General construction waste
  • Demolition materials
  • Materials that cannot be screened or are difficult to screen
  • Excavated soil containing contaminants
  • Loamy and clayey stone-earth mixtures
  • Sticky, adhesive or wrapping materials

Application examples SPLITTER H3

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Technical data

DriveDiesel-electric drive 50 kVA or mains connection
Material taskDosing hopper: 2.5 m3
Feed height: minimum 2.5 m (floor standing)
Conveying unit: Spiral shaft unit with closed bottom
Screening sectioncoarse screen L × W: 2.5 × 1.55 m / area: 3.8 m²
Fine screen L × W: 5.2 × 1.2 m / area 6.2 m²
Screen cutCoarse fraction 0...80/100 mm
Fine fraction 0...20/40 mm
Screen star: UNISTAR
Material dischargeDischarge height oversize grain (high | ground level) 2.3 m | 1.8 m
Discharge height middle grain (high | standing on the ground) 4.2 m | 3.0 m
Discharge height undersize grain (high | floor-standing) 3.2 m | 2.45 m
Discharge beltsmedium grain and fine grain: infinitely variable inclination adjustment 0-35°
Medium grain: pivotable by 180
Throughputup to 100 t/h (depending on material)
Weightbasic equipment 18.5 t (excl. options)
DimensionsL × W × H: 8.20 × 2.55 × 2.60 m
OperationTouch panel and radio remote control (optional)
Areas of application Soil excavation interspersed with impurities; loamy and clayey stone-earth mixtures; general building rubble; demolition materials. Demolition materials; materials that cannot be screened or are difficult to screen; sticky, adhesive, coiling or sharp-edged materials, sticky, coiling or sharp-edged materials; special applications where conventional screening systems cannot work efficiently

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