The SPLITTER HOOK - the mobil version

The SPLITTER HOOK added consequent the range of hook lift machines. With its patented SPLITTER screen deck the SPLITTER HOOK is the specialist for the processing of commercial waste, domestic waste, reconversation of landfill areas, demolition waste and scrap material.

The SPLITTER HOOK could be delivered with different types of feeding systems like TAKER VIBRO or TAKER BELT. Another option is a belt conveyor for feeding of the SPLITTER HOOK by a shredder. For the screen deck are two options available with the length of 2m or 4m. The size of the separation cut is in reference to the well known SPLITTER screens. FE-separation or hydraulical lift axle are available as possible options. For special applications the SPLITTER HOOK could be also delivered with the SPLITTER WAVE screen deck.

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Input material 

  • Domestic and commercial waste
  • Reconversation of sanitary landfill sites
  • Mixied building rubble
  • Scrap
  • Bulky watse
  • Wood/Waste wood

Customer benefit

  • Can also be used with materials that have not been pre-treated
  • Self-cleaning system
  • Uniform screening quality due to constantly open screen gaps
  • No plaiting when processing coiling materials
  • Lowest cleaning and maintenance efforts
  • High flexibility by hook system
  • Optimally usable with various upstream and downstream machines for further processing

SPLITTER HOOK in operation

Practical use loading scrap

Scrap or loading scrap is a material which is difficult to screen. The shown material should be exempted from a high mineral content in order to achieve a clean oversize fraction as possible without adhesion.

Loaded material: Loading scrap, shearing scrap

Target material: oversize fraction without mineral and adhesion

Technical data SPLITTER HOOK

DriveMotordiesel-elektric 45kVA
Screen deck



Drive power

Material grain size

4 m or 2 m available

2 m

2x4 kW / 1x4 kW

0-60 to 0-250 mm (FLAT Screen deck)

Weightperm. weightup to 18 t (with options)
DimensionsTransport 7,96 x 2,55 x 2,6 m (L x W x H)
  • FE separation
  • Exchange screen decks
  • Remote control
  • Generator
  • Track drive system
  • Other options by request



Phone: +49 66 41/96 54-444

Mobile: +49 (0) 160 / 884 444 6

Email: splitter(at)