SPLITTER HOOK - Mobile 2/3 fraction spiral shaft screen for a wide range of materials

The SPLITTER HOOK 2/3 fraction spiral shaft separator is the logical continuation of the hook-lift mobile machine series. The SPLITTER HOOK is equipped with a feed belt which feeds the material onto the SPLITTER in a well-dosed manner via a conveyor belt. There it undergoes blockage-proof screening with the patented SPLITTER technology. The SPLITTER HOOK proves to be a mobile specialist in the separation of a wide range of waste types that can cause blockages with other screening systems.

Customer benefits when using the SPLITTER HOOK mobile screening plant

  • Highly efficient separation of the material into 2/3 usable fractions in just one work step.
  • Quick and easy assembly and dismantling thanks to compact HOOK design with small transport dimensions. No extra road approval required.
  • The simple and intuitive, icon-based menu navigation means that the machine can be operated with minimal training.
  • Easier and faster cleaning and maintenance of the machine.
  • Optimization of the screening result with changing feed materials by simply adjusting the angle of inclination.
  • Depending on the material, the screening surface can be better utilized by adjusting the speed, thus improving the screening result.
  • Flexible inclination adjustment of the discharge belts during operation.
  • Reduced leakage due to the one-piece design of the discharge belts. Direct container or trailer loading possible.

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Application areas of the SPLITTER HOOK

  Household and commercial waste

  Landfill dismantling

  Construction waste and mixed construction waste


  Waste wood and bulky waste

  Green waste, compost/organic waste

Application examples SPLITTER HOOK

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Technical data

DriveDiesel-electric drive or mains connection (CEE plug 400 V/63 A), generator output [kVA] 30
Material feedDosing hopper: 2.5 m3
Feed height: minimum 3.0 m (floor-standing) | 4.0 m (with support legs)
Conveying unit: Conveyor belt
Screening sectionL × W: 4,0 × 2,0 m/ area: 8,0 m²
Screen section0...250 mm (depending on screen deck)
Screen deckFLAT
Material dischargeDischarge height coarse grain 2.0 m | 1.50 m (high | floor-standing)
Discharge height fine grain 3.5 m | 2.77 m (high | floor-standing)
Discharge conveyorsLength of oversize grain discharge conveyor: 2.5 m (reversible)
Length of undersize grain discharge belt: 11.0 m (infinitely variable inclination adjustment)
Throughputup to 100 m3/h (depending on material)
Weight14,8 t (excl. options)
DimensionsL × W × H: 7,80 × 2,55 × 2,60 m
OperationTouch panel and radio remote control (optional)
Areas of applicationDomestic waste, commercial waste, landfill dismantling, construction waste, scrap, bulky waste, green waste,
waste wood, mixed construction waste, compost/organic waste

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