Perfect results thanks to correct dosing

You would like to receive loose materials such as compost, wood, biomass, waste, metal, rocks, scrap, etc. and provide it optimally dosed to the next operating step?

Opting for our receiving station dosing systems of the TAKER series is your right choice.

An intelligent modular system is the basis for the different production versions. This lets us ensure flexibility for the individual support of your requirements.

The challenge is always to make loose materials available for further processing, without malfunctions, with the ideal amount and at the optimal speed. The TAKER can be easily integrated into an existing plant or used as standalone solution.

The TAKER series is suitable, amongst others, for the following applications

  • Wood/ waste wood
  • Pruning residues
  • Biomass, compost
  • Organic and domestic waste
  • Bulky and commercial waste
  • Scrap and metals
  • Bulk materials
  • Mixed building rubble
  • Stones, soils
  • Concrete
  • Refused derived fuels (EBS)
  • Plastics
  • Slag


Mobile receiving dosing equipment with a storage capacity of up to 9 cbm

Flexible combination with downstream equipment, e.g. sorting machines

More about the TAKER HOOK


Scraper floor dosing unit with medium design and a capacity of 8 and 12 m³

Especially suitable for wood, waste wood, pruning residues, biomass, compost

Available also as mobile yard unit.

More about the TAKER TL-12


Hopper with vibration conveyor and a capacity of 3 m³

Especially suitable for mixed building rubble, mineral bulk materials, metal and scrap, but also wood and plastics

More about the TAKER TV-12


Conveyor belt dosing unit with a capacity of 3 m³

Especially suitable for mixed building rubble, refused derived fuels, production waste, wood, soils, biomass, commercial and bulky waste

More about the TAKER TB-12


Hopper with steel apron conveyor and a capacity of 6 m³

Especially for stones, soils, landfill material, concrete, metal and slag

More about the TAKER TS-12

Working mode

The receiving station TAKER receives and discharges metered materials to downstream conveyor units.

  • The material to be dosed is loaded via wheel loader, excavator, gripper or conveyor belt (e.g. after crushing). The material drops onto the conveying unit, e.g. scraper floor, rubber belt, vibrating table, apron conveyor.
  • Adjustable conveying speeds ensure dosing properties and throughput capacity.
  • Optionally installed dosing drums that can be fitted with different tools untangle the material and discharge it in metered amounts, that is, with constant volume, to the downstream conveying system.
  • The feed speed can be adjusted according to the conveyed material, degree of filling, dosing characteristics and required amount of material (T-18, TL-12, TB-12)

Your benefit

  • Process optimisation through uniform material flow
  • Flexible designs (thanks to modular system)
  • Uninterrupted and undisturbed material transport (no material jams)
  • Consistent supply to the downstream unit
  • No interruption due to material shortfalls
  • Automatic selection, e.g. through connection to a weighing system
  • Efficiency increase of the total process and higher throughput
  • Lesser maintenance and cleaning effort
  • High availability through high-quality components and advanced technology

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