The wear-resistant one

A vibration conveyor serves as conveying system with the TAKER TV-12. The highly wear-resistant lining of the loading hopper allows receiving and dosing heavy materials such as stones, excavated soil, metals, scrap, concrete and slag.

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Technical data TAKER TV-12

Conveying unit

Vibration conveyor

Dosing type

Dosing by vibration

Working width

1.2 m

(without optional wall elevation)

3 m³

Throughput by weight

100 t/h

Throughput by volume

50 m³/h

Suitable materials

Concrete, metal, stones, mineral bulk materials, wood, plastics

Density of materials

300 kg/m³ - 2000 kg/m³


  • Hopper wall elevation
  • Customer-specific substructure
  • Control linking to upstream and downstream units
  • Custom paint coat


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