Intelligent service and innovations

Whatever your individual challenge in the field of recycling technology, our expert team will be by your side from the first consultation to after-sales service. We adapt flexibly to your requirements.

You can reach our service hotline at +49 6641 9654 77

At GÜNTHER, a wide range of expertise is combined under one roof

We offer a comprehensive service from a single source. Our support extends from the initial idea stage to design, production and assembly. Once your machine is in use, we'll support you with maintenance and the delivery of spare parts. Your personal point of contact will accompany you through the project. They are responsible for overseeing all planning and processes, both on our side and on-site.


With its services and innovations, our highly qualified service team ensures that customer systems run smoothly and efficiently. It provides long-term solutions and suggestions for the strategic development and success of our customers over the entire life cycle of the machine.

Das sagen unsere Kunden:

"We have been using system technology from Günther since 2016. The processing systems are exposed to high levels of stress. The Günther service team is easy to reach, achieves very fast response times and works in a highly professional manner"
Kilb Vetter Entsorgung GmbH



"We have been a customer of your company since 2016 and have procured various products in the field of organic waste handling technology. The products supplied are of high quality. Thank you for the excellent service and advice. Help is available quickly in urgent cases - a very important consideration in our industry."
RMD Rhein-Main Deponie GmbH

Our comprehensive service covers the following areas:

  • Manufacture of the designed systems and conversion parts
  • Technical and application-specific advice
  • Concept creation and project planning
  • Design and 3D animations
  • Commissioning and familiarisation
  • Warranty handling
  • Service calls worldwide
  • Training


  • Safety checks and UVV [accident prevention] inspections
  • Inspections / machine revisions
  • Delivery of spare parts
  • After-sales service
  • Repairs
  • Remote maintenance
  • Maintenance

Advice and concept development

We don't just recycle standard solutions - we develop holistic, individual concepts. Working closely with our customers, we gather information about their requirements, goals, infrastructure and characteristics, depending on the project size. We work together to define the expected result and our experts are on-hand to give comprehensive advice - because we understand that every project is different.

Should I screen the material into two or three fractions? What should the grain size and throughput be? Is it necessary for any conveyor technology or other separation technologies to be incorporated into the planning? Which screening technology is best suited for the project? Place your trust our team's expert knowledge - you'll reap the results!

Once the concept is fully developed, our in-house designers implement the ideas from a technical perspective and fine-tune the concept in terms of its material, physical and static characteristics. Your system or conversion parts are created by us in 3D in accordance with the latest standards. Our designers also create a 3D view for the customer, helping them envision the final product and providing a shared basis for communication between the customer and the GÜNTHER project manager.


Optimal results virtually every time:
With live demonstrations


Our technical advice can also include a live demonstration. Particularly for unfamiliar technologies or those you only know from videos, it can be difficult to imagine how a machine works and whether it is compatible with the material you handle. To enable target-oriented work in this regard, we offer material-specific machinetests. This means you can either visit our factory for a demo in our technical centre, enabling you to gain an idea of the way we work in-house, or we bring a demo machine to your premises. This allows you to assess the quality and suitability of our solution for your requirements in person. An experienced member of the team will be available to advise you at all times, helping to ensure an optimal result.


Conversions and process optimisation

Even if the technology is getting on in years, this doesn't consign the system to the scrapheap. To optimise your system processes and help you become efficient again, we begin by analysing the processes. After this, we design optimisations that take into account existing technology that can or should be reused.

Where necessary, we replace components to achieve a higher throughput, fewer production downtimes and less cleaning effort. This results in greater economic efficiency and process optimisation!


Process optimisation through system modification

Do you have an existing system and want to optimise and expand your process?

Thanks to our combined expertise in screening technology and system design, we can advise you on options for improvement. Then, we can devise concepts and implement them on site.

To enable us to offer our customers the best possible solutions, we  work together on an interdepartmental, interdisciplinary basis. Our service team serves as a central point of contact and engages in close dialogue with our research and development, electrical, project planning and quality assurance departments. In this way, we ensure that we make use of all options for developing effective, efficient solutions.

System engineering - Made in Germany


Our team in Wartenberg includes members from various skilled trades: steel workers, painters, welders, electricians, mechanics and more. They ensure that the machines and systems in our production and assembly hall are manufactured to the highest level of quality and can be delivered directly to the customer ex works. We offer on-site installation of the system at customer premises all over the world. Our expert mechanics, electricians and mechatronics specialists work together closely to achieve this. Once the system is placed into operation, you are given a comprehensive introduction.

Since our young, effective service team - also made up of young electricians, mechatronics specialists and engineers - usually becomes involved at the system assembly stage, they are well versed in the individual systems and can provide our customers with optimal after-sales service on the basis of existing knowledge.

Even after installation is complete, we don't leave you to go it alone: We offer comprehensive training, maintenance and testing.

Do you have a large team that needs to familiarise itself with the operation of the system, or have you acquired new employees over a period of time? Our service staff will be happy to conduct on-site training in the technology in general and your system in particular.

Regular tests, inspections, maintenance and safety checks are all part of operating a system. The functionality of machines and systems can become limited over time, e.g. as a result of wear to components, corrosion or the consumption of operating resources. For this reason, manufacturers of machines specify the maintenance intervals at which the machines must be checked. In addition, such wear and tear can endanger the people who work with the machine. As such, machines must be checked not only for their operability, but also for their operational safety . The Betriebssicherheitsverordnung [Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health] and Unfallverhütungsvorschrift (UVV) [Accident Prevention Regulations] also stipulate regular inspections by a qualified expert.

Our GÜNTHER service employees are qualified to carry out such UVV inspections. They carefully examine the machines and determine the condition of components, wear parts (e.g. brakes, coupling, wheels) and safety devices (e.g. emergency shutdowns, light barriers, sensors, etc.). They also assess the suitability of work equipment (e.g. forklifts and cranes) and record this in the test report.

Following a successful inspection, you will receive the inspection sticker and a copy of the certificate. You are only permitted to operate the system if these regulations are complied with and you are able to verify that regular inspections have been carried out and passed.

Our service team can be relied upon. We are able to carry out UVV [accident prevention] inspections and, upon request, to arrange regular appointments for maintenance and inspection to ensure that your workflow is not disrupted or brought to a halt.

Our inspections are offered at a fixed price. This enables you to keep control of your costs. During the inspections, we use a thermal imaging camera that detects weak bearings, stiff gears and other faults before they become an issue. If so desired, we can also take oil samples from your machine to enable us to identify damage early on. This, in turn, enables you to take preventive measures.

Thanks to these extensive, thorough checks and maintenance measures, damage and potential outages are detected and prevented at an early stage.


After-sales service - We care about your profitability and satisfaction

Whenever a problem occurs, you can rely on our know-how and spare parts delivery service to rectify it. Our service employees do everything possible to avoid downtimes in your system. If downtime is unavoidable, we'll do all we can to rectify the fault as quickly as possible. Electrical or mechanical - we'll analyse the issue and rectify it in our competence centre. Whether it's a wear part to be replaced or a need for further process optimisation, our after-sales service is the only port of call you need.

We help our customers understand that by using the correct parts and materials in an appropriate fashion, the wear and tear costs of their systems - and thus also the operating costs - can remain low. This is because the profitability of our customers' machines is our overarching goal.

Our team's first priority is repairing the machines and ensuring a long service life. As a customer, you have access to spare parts from our own warehouse. We can also assist you in checking the use of alternative parts and solutions on a case-by-case basis. Along with the intelligent design of the machines, our in-house stocks guarantee good availability of parts at short notice. This enables you to obtain your original spare parts through our service for years after the machine is put into use.


Sales and assembly worldwide - but where's the service?


As a matter of course, we provide service calls to accompany the sale of our machines worldwide. Our team can advise you in English via our hotline and organise the relevant repairs. If necessary, we can deliver spare parts in minimal time. We can also arrange for spare parts to be delivered directly from the supplier to the customer's construction site, where this is more efficient from a logistical perspective.

GÜNTHER offers a special advantages in terms of service.  Remote maintenance of machines enables the GÜNTHER competence center to access the machine directly when a problem is reported, wherever the machine is in the world.Once you have reported the problem, we refer to the relevant machine data and can often help with a phone call and a few simple actions.


Advantages of our service:

  • A young, dedicated team of service fitters
  • Combined specialist knowledge from our in-house electricians, mechanics, mechatronics specialists and engineers
  • Qualified personnel for UVV [accident prevention] inspections
  • Machine checks with thermal imaging cameras and oil sampling
  • Live demos with our demo machine using your material
  • Made in Germany - premium-quality machines and spare parts
  • Original spare parts with fast delivery to your site - wherever you are in the world
  • Transparent costs thanks to fixed prices for machine inspections
  • Spare parts available at short notice thanks to our in-house stocks and intelligent systems
  • Long machine service life thanks to regular maintenance and reliable availability of spare parts
  • Free telephone support via our hotline from Monday to Saturday
  • Remote maintenance available for even faster support, wherever you are in the world
  • All-inclusive service based on in-house expertise - we deliver everything from a single source, from concept to production to after-sales service
  • Intelligent solutions and process optimisation - a diverse range of combined expertise under a single roof
  • Service from a single source: concept development, design, manufacture, assembly and after-sales service


You can reach us at service(at)albg.euor on our hotline  +49 6641 9654 77

Monday to Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm

Our telephone support is free of charge.

Our experienced employees offer comprehensive advice on electrical and mechanical issues and can find or develop solutions for your individual problem. The support is available in German and English.