KOMPOFIX - Mobile hook lift bagging system for light bulk materials that can be filled by volume

The KOMPOFIX hook-lift mobile bagging system is the practical addition for processing compost or other free-flowing bulk materials with a density of 200 to 600 kg/m³. The bagging system can be used after the composting process, for example, so that the matured quality compost can be filled directly and economically. The KOMPOFIX can be used to fill the material into various bag materials (textile, paper and plastic) and into various bag sizes from 25 to 50 liters.

Customer benefits when using the KOMPOFIX mobile bagging system

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  • Simple filling and semi-automatic sealing of compost, wood chips, flower substrate and free-flowing bulk materials with a density of 200 to 600 kg/cm3.
  • Adjustable dosing quantity for different materials thanks to infinitely variable hopper drive.
  • Optimum material intake for a safe and economical filling process. Continuous feeding of the system.
  • Special dosing roller ensures optimum material distribution and therefore continuous filling.
  • Guarantees precise and uniform volume filling from 25 L to 50 L in 5 L increments.
  • The hook-lift version enables location-independent use and therefore easy integration into existing processes.
  • Climate-friendly mains operation or alternatively self-sufficient operation with a powerful generator.
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly thanks to the compact HOOK design with small transport dimensions.

Area of application

  • Compost
  • Wood chips
  • Flower substrate
  • Flowable bulk materials with a density of 200 to 600 kg/m3

Technical data

DriveDiesel-electric drive or mains connection (CEE plug 400 V/16 A),
Generator output [kVA] 5.5
Material feed3 m3 intake volume with adjustable conveyor unit and scraper floor technology
Material dischargeEndlessly installed dosing conveyor unit with permanently installed 5 liter transport cassettes and preset compartment counter
FillingBag clamp for semi-automatic pick-up of commercially available packaging bags in various sizes from 25 to 50 liters
Filling of the material into bags in 5 liter increments and safe transport of the filled bag to the sealing process
ClosingSemi-automatic bag closing machine or optional film sealing machine
Troughput60 - 80 Bags per hour
DimensionsL × W × H: 5,62 × 2,430 × 2,46 m
Special features1-man operation, adjustment of the working height for ergonomic working, simple operation

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