Sustainability - resource-saving recycling technology

Recycling technology - a word that not only sounds sustainable, but also is sustainable. In our area of expertise, we deal with the global problem: waste - in a wide variety of forms. Our systems make a significant contribution to helping our customers prepare waste for further processing in a way that conserves resources as much as possible.

The more we focus on preserving our environment, the more we can contribute to this with our solutions. The degree of purity of materials must be further increased in the future so that they can be reused as raw materials. For this reason, we work every day to use our technology worldwide and make our contribution to improving the environmental situation.

"We plan and realize modern recycling plants that are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers and make cost-efficient and sustainable work possible worldwide."

Bernd Günther - Managing Director and owner

What does sustainability mean for Anlagenbau Günther?

In our company, sustainability means keeping an eye on the future, recognizing trends at an early stage and being aware of our responsibility towards our environment. Thanks to our relevant experience, we develop suitable innovations and work on long-term solutions for state-of-the-art recycling technology for effective and sustainable work in waste management. Our focus is on the well-being of future generations and a future worth living.

We live what we love

A successful company is also characterized by the fact that it not only looks inwards, but also takes responsibility for its environment. Environmental protection and resource conservation are therefore firmly anchored in our company. We have also always taken sustainability into account when constructing our company building and are working on making our workplace environmentally friendly and sustainable.

  • Own power generation via PV system
  • Geothermal heating/cooling system via geothermal heat pump
  • Solar water heating
  • Combined heat and power unit for the basic supply of the building
  • Demand-controlled LED lighting technology
  • and much more

"For us as a family business, sustainability means thinking about the future, training skilled workers and retaining them in the long term through good working conditions, being active in the region and developing it further."

Bernd Günther - Managing Director and owner

Anlagenbau Günther introduces itself: 

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