The mobile one - TAKER HOOK intake dosing unit

With its tried-and-tested design, now also available as a hook-lift version, the TAKER HOOK leaves nothing to be desired. Extremely compact dimensions with a storage volume of up to 9 cbm, a discharge conveyor as standard and a number of options make the intake feeder a mobile all-rounder that can be variably integrated into a wide range of production processes. For transportation, the double-folding discharge conveyor is simply and quickly retracted. The functions are controlled via a simple and practical control panel.

Customized configuration

Customers can configure their TAKER HOOK individually thanks to a wide range of equipment options. In addition to the overbelt magnet or an FE deflection magnet drum at the end of the belt, a self-sufficient 12 volt hydraulic system with buffer battery for operating the discharge belt and the hydraulic support feet, which are also available as an option, can also be selected. A robust and corrosion-resistant machine cladding using the tried-and-tested tarpaulin system enables cost-effective customer-specific marking as an option.

The TAKER HOOK is the mobile and compact version of the TAKER TL12, which is already being used by a number of customers in a wide range of applications. It is ideal for processing biogenic material such as

  • Pre-shredded wood and waste wood of all commercial classes
  • Biomass, fresh but also extremely contaminated material
  • Compost, dry or up to 60% moisture
  • Green waste, if this does not exceed 500 mm branch length

The TAKER HOOK is not suitable for uncrushed materials and materials with a bulk density of over 700 kg/cbm. Contaminants such as stones and metals do not represent a serious functional impairment if they are present in small quantities.

A typical practical example

In combination with the mobile non-ferrous separator, a mobile processing line for processing shredded waste wood can be set up flexibly at any desired location. The TAKER HOOK picks up the accumulated material from the upstream process step and doses it onto the feed belt to the non-ferrous separator in optimum distribution. An optional overbelt magnet and/or a deflection magnet drum ensure additional FE removal. The eddy current separator of the mobile non-ferrous separator removes the valuable non-ferrous metals from the material. In the end, the customer has a high-quality end product free of impurities for further marketing.

A variety of separators such as screens, sifters or sorting machines can be used instead of the non-ferrous separator.

Blick in den Dosierbehälter mit einem Speichervolumen von bis zu 9 cbm

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Technical data

Conveyor unitScraper floor
Dosage typeCounter-rotating dosing roller with interchangeable tools
DischargeDouble-folding conveyor belt with profiled belt
Length 7.0 m, width 1.2 m, infinitely variable inclination adjustment 20°-30°
Delivery height min. 2.6 m, max. 3.6 m
Working width1,20 m
Capacity9 m³ (without optional travel elevation)
Acceptance width3,7 m
Acceptance depth2,3 m
Throughput by weight20 - 240 to / h
Throughput by volume60 - 300 m³ / h
Suitable materialsCompost, wood, biomass, green waste
Density of the materials200 kg/m³ – 700 kg/m³
OptionsHydraulic support legs, folding maneuvering drawbar, left or right transfer wall, yard-mobile wheels for attaching, overbelt magnet with permanent magnets, selectable metal discharge direction, deflection magnet roller and FE chute at the end of the belt, independent 12 V hydraulic system with battery supply, control link to upstream and downstream units, special paint finish, Country-specific equipment of the hook frame, Various tools for equipping the dosing roller, Customer-specific conveyor speeds, Wear protection lining, Hinged hopper elevation, Underbody cladding of the scraper floor, Speed belt adjustment of the scraper floor, Chain belt instead of scraper floor, Hydraulic lift axle, Fire extinguisher box, Customer-specific tarpaulin lettering

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