SPLITTER DUO – Double the power, high screen quality

The best start to the process chain

In processing plants, various screening and separation techniques are generally used in succession to separate different materials from one another. However, most of the material volume is always produced at the beginning of the process chain in the first screening step.

The SPLITTER DUO from GÜNTHER comprises two SPLITTER spiral shaft screen decks and is therefore particularly suitable for processing large, voluminous material flows. This makes it ideal for use at the beginning of the process chain as a pre-separator. Due to the roller conveyor effect of the spiral shaft screen, large materials and long parts are reliably discharged in the oversize grain and can optionally be re-shredded via a recirculation system. In this way, the suitable material size for further processing in the process chain is continuously achieved through the self-circulating, recirculating oversize grain process.

The SPLITTER DUO offers a number of advantages when used in stationary processing plants. With its relatively small dimensions and consistently high throughput, it is easy to integrate into a system. It does not generate any dynamic vibrations and runs quietly with low energy consumption. The redundancy of the two SPLITTER screen decks improves system availability. Flexible adjustment of the grain size is possible thanks to the screen gap adjustment. The SPLITTER Duo impresses with its low cleaning effort and the avoidance of clogging and winding due to its unique mode of operation.

GÜNTHER offers the SPLITTER DUO as a unit, but also a fully comprehensive system construction including planning, project planning, development, design, manufacture and assembly. Thanks to the after-sales service, you always have fast and reliable delivery of spare parts and a contact person available to advise and support you.

Reference project Hubert Eing Kunststoffverwertung

In the sorting plant of Hubert Eing Kunststoffverwertung GmbH, lightweight packaging is sorted fully automatically in a system from GÜNTHER.

A SPLITTER DUO is used as the first screening unit after a bale breaker in the system. This screening technology is able to process the large, voluminous and very light material volume at the beginning of the process chain in a two-strand material flow that is separated to the optimum size. In particular, interfering long parts and unshredded film (such as torn bags) are reliably discharged. In this way, the material can be optimally processed in the downstream further separation steps within the scope of the recycling quota.

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Advantages at a glance

  1. Economical throughput rates for demanding materials
  2. Clog-free screening process without tangle formation
  3. Reliable separation of impurities such as long parts or flat materials
  4. trouble-free stop-start operation during the screening process
  5. Very robust and low-wear design
  1. User-friendly design with low energy and economic operating costs
  2. Compact modular system for customized equipment to meet all requirements
  3. unique mode of operation for cutting difficult materials by combining spiral and simultaneous roller conveyor effect

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