RETURNER - Mobile return unit and feed unit in recycling technology

Mobile return unit

The hook-lift mobile return unit RETURNER is the ideal complement to the SPLITTER HOOK. It is always used when only the undersize is required for separation. In this case, the oversize is fed into the crushing and screening process until the desired target particle size is achieved. The RETURNER has been specially designed for this task and thus integrates easily into the existing process. This significantly reduces the loading with a wheel loader.

Mobile feeding unit

The RETURNER can also be used as a single feed unit for the direct acceptance of material. In this case, the material fed in via small wheel loaders is transferred to downstream machines via the conveyor system.

Customer benefits when using the RETURNER mobile return unit

  • High time savings due to automated return of the oversize material to the previous process step in one operation.
  • Quality improvement of the end material with less fines.
  • Material collecting belt provides buffering capability and prevents material jams.
  • Fast and easy set-up and dismantling due to compact HOOK design with small transport dimensions.
  • No own supply necessary, the RETURNER can be co-supplied by SPLITTER HOOK.
  • Transport without additional costs together with SPLITTER HOOK with 3-axle hook lift truck and trailer.
  • Use of the RETURNER as a single, universally applicable feeding unit.

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Application areas of the RETURNER

  Domestic and commercial waste

  Landfill deconstruction (max. 1 t/m3)

  Construction and mixed construction waste (max. 1 t/m3)

  Waste wood and bulky waste

  Green waste, compost/bio waste

Application examples RETURNER

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Technical data RETURNER

DriveDirect connection to the power grid (with 32 A plug) or co-supply by SPLITTER HOOK, the connected load is 10.2 kW in the basic configuration
Material assignment2 m3 intake volume with 2° inclination
Material outputDischarge height oversize grain at 35°= 4.2 m | at 25° = 3.3 m
Discharge conveyorsOne-piece, double trough, pivoting double buckling belt
Throughputup to 100 m³/h or 50 t/h, depending on material, density and screen granulation
Weight5,2 t
DimensionsL × W × H: 8,30 × 2,30 × 2,60 m
Special featuresCan be used as a return unit or as a feed unit

Motor-driven hydraulics, diesel generator 5 kW, lifting supports, magnetic drum

Fields of applicationWaste wood, green waste, biomass, commercial waste, light mixed construction waste (max. 1 t/m3), light landfill debris (max. 1 t/m3).



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