Practical examples before/after shredder

Separation before the shredder

  • SPLITTER as pre-separator (reduction of volume)
  • The flow of material is divided as a measure to protect downstream equipment:
    • Oversized grain or usable materials are directed into the shredder
    • Undersized grain (e.g. fines / minerals) are separated
  • Low running costs because of:
    • Reduction of wear costs on the shredder
    • Reduction of energy costs

Separation after the shredder

  • Pre-shredded domestic and commercial waste is broken up and prepared for the downstream processes (optical sorting, Fe-separation, Ne-separation, wind sifting and post-shredding)
  • The SPLITTER at the beginning of the treatment process enables reliable functioning of the separation process
  • Screen section SPLITTER 0-80/100 mm
  • Throughput capacity of up to 50 t/h

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Advantages of the SPLITTER

  • Self-cleaning effect > low maintenance plant
  • Tearing up the material flow > low wear on screen deck
  • Dynamic screen gaps > enable uniform screening results with respect to quantity and quality
  • Recirculation of oversized grain to increase the throughput while reducing wear and saving energy

SPLITTER practical example before shredder

Practical use of SPLITTER before shredder

Separation includes non-shredded domestic and commercial waste as preliminary stage for the shredder. The objective is a pre-separation for reducing the wear costs on the shredder (lifetime of cutters raised from 250h to 450h).

Loaded material: Non-shredded domestic and commercial waste

Target material: Pre-separation oversized grain (>200 mm is directed into the shredder and subsequently to consequential process) undersized grain (<200 mm flows directly to the consequential process)


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